Villanueva de los Infantes

Los Mayos y las Cruces

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Is one of the most important celebrations in this town. Is celebrated between 30th of April and 3rd of May. This tradition combines old rituals that were used to celebrate the arrival of spring with the courtship of the ladies, that is carried out during the night of 30th of May. Also, the exaltation of the crosses takes place on 2 and 3 of May.

Besides, the streets of the town are full of bonfires in each of the points where there is a cross. During these days, the neighbours, tourists and ‘rondallas’ visit every single cross that is decorated in order to sing the ‘Mayo’. At the same time, they enjoy the ‘puñao’ and the punch. These crosses can be visited all the weekends of May thanks to the crosses route that is offered by the Tourism Office of Villanueva de los Infantes. Also, during the weekends of June, it is possible to visit the most important patios of the town.

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Dates and location

Del 30 de abril al 3 de mayo de 2017
Steets and squares of the town

Visit hours

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