Cruces y Mayos

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During the month of May the town of Piedrabuena attracts tourists with the festival of ‘Cruces y Mayos’. The festivity starts at twelve in the night on 30 of April, when some groups of mayeros sign the ‘mayo’ to the Virgin, while they welcome the montth of May and the festivity.

This month is a symbol of purity and the flowering of the countryside. This relaxing environment is shown in the ‘Cruces y Mayos’ of Piedrabuena, which is one of the most importants of the province because of all the details. The Crosses are made in the houses with natural elements such as the purple and white flowers of the heather. They are stablished in musgo altars and stone where water flows and makes the spectators think that they are in the middle of the countryside.

The Crosses are of a remarkable beauty that can be appreciated with the eyes, sounds and smell. This makes that a great number of visitors come to this beautiful celebration to enjoy it. In this way, these elements of religious nature attract Christians and no believers in the same way.

In 2017, this Festivity was declared of Regional Touristic Interest.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Regional


Dates and location

Primeros de mayo.
Streets of the town.

Visit hours

From 20h00. Check it before.



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