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Declared of Regional Touristic Interest on 15 of May of 2015.

It is a really rooted festival in Malagón. The carnival lasts more than a week and are full of activities, in which there is a mixture of religious traditions, and other traditions such as the one of the ‘Banderas de las Ánimas’, ‘la profana’ or different dances, masks and bands of street musicians.

The previous Thursday before carnival is called ‘Jueves Lardero’, during this day children and adults go to the ‘Plaza de los Moros’ in order to spend there the day. On carnival Saturday, the great parade of floats and charangas bands is celebrated. It is important to say that this parade is one of the most ancients of the province.

Carnival Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are the greatest days of the festival. A parade of standard bearers walks the streets of the town while the drums are playing. They wear black clothes, scarfs and the ‘Banderas de las Ánimas’. The flags are embroidered with dark colour clothing. In spite of the fact that they are really ancient, the main meaning of those flags has been missed, however, between the inhabitants of Malagón, these flags are made in order to remember all their ancestors. Sometimes, the ‘jinetas’ go next to the standard bearers.

Other activity that it’s really important in the Carnival of Malagón is the ‘Baile de Máscaras’.

Finally, what it is not possible to forget about the Carnival of Malagón is the picturesque street mask, which is a person wearing a mask and strange clothes, distorting his voice and walking in a way that no one can recognise him.

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