Granátula de Calatrava

Holy Week

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The Holy Week of Granátula de Calatrava starts on a Friday called ‘Viernes de Dolores’, it receives this name because the ‘Virgen de los Dolores’ goes through the streets of the town. Besides, during Palm Sunday, the palms are consecrated, then they go out un procession in the Church of Sta.Ana or in the Hermitage of the Santa Vera Cruz. Besides, during Holy Wednesday, the traditional Via Crucis is celebrated through the streets of the town.

On Holy Thursday the procession starts with the steps of ‘Jesús orando en el Huerto’ and ‘Jesús Nazareno’. The main purpose is to take those steps to the ‘Duque de la Victoria’ street, where there is the ‘Huerto de los Olivos’ and the steps stop there for a few minutes. During the evening, the ‘Santos Oficios’ are carried out, which is a Mass in memory of the ‘Última Cena del Señor’. After that, the roman company and the brotherhood ‘moraos del Cristo orando y de Jesús Nazareno’ go to the ‘Huerto de los Olivos’, where the traditional scene of the capture of Jesus Christ is played. After the ‘capture’, Jesus appears tied hand and foot and is guarded by the legion of Roman soldiers until reaching the Church of St. Anne. In the evening, the traditional procession of the Vera Cruz is celebrated, which is one of the oldest processions in the whole region.

On Holy Friday morning the procession of ‘El Paso’ takes place. In this case, the image of ‘Jesús Nazareno’ comes out with the cross on his back and goes towards the main Square accompanied by the Roman legion and the brothers of the brotherhood. During the tour, the main representative of the Roman legion reads the ‘sentene of Jesus Christ’. When the procession is arriving in the square. The trial of Pontius Pilate is simulated. Once this event takes place, the procession joins the steps of ‘San Juan, Verónica y La Virgen de la Soledad’. In the evening, the procession of the ‘Santo Entierro’ takes place, here, there are the steps of ‘Cristo Yaciente’ and ‘María Santísima de los Dolores’. Finally, the procession of the ‘Virgen de la Soledad’ comes out.

In the evening of Holy Saturday, the Easter Vigil is celebrated, while on Easter Sunday, the ‘Cristo de la Resurrección’ with the ‘Virgen de la Soledad’ go out in a procession. Finally, this incredible Holy Week concludes with a Eucharist.

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Lasts a week, it starts the last Sunday of March.

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