Pozuelo de Calatrava

Holy Week

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The great importance of the Holy Week of Pozuelo de Calatrava is thanks to the ‘Ruta de la Pasión de Calatrava’, which was declared of National Touristic Interest.

The acts of the Holy Week start on ‘Viernes de Dolores’ with a Mass in honour of all the brothers of the brotherhood of ‘Ntro. Padre Jesús Nazareno’ that have dead. After that, a speech is pronounced in the theatre of the town.

On Palm Sunday, the consecration of the Palms and the Palm Procession are carried out. There is not a Mass until Holy Thursday, but there is a celebration in order to forgive the sins of the of the prayers. On Holy Wednesday the Via Crucis takes place, which is organised by the ‘Cofradía del Smo. Cristo de la Misericordia’.

On Holy Tuesday the Mass of ‘In Coena Domini’ takes place. After that, a procession arranged by ‘Cofradías de la Santa Vera Cruz y de Ntro. Padre Jesús Nazareno’. On Holy Friday, the Mass of ‘Santos Oficios y la Pasión del Señor’ is celebrated in the Church, then, the brotherhoods of ‘Smo. Sepulcro y de Nuesta Señora de la Soledad’ carry out the procession of ‘el Santo Entierro’.

The Holy Week of Pozuelo de Calatrava ends on Easter Saturday, when the ‘Solemne Vigilia Pascual’ takes place. Besides, it is followed by the Mass of the Easter Sunday, when it is celebrated that Christ has risen. All of the brotherhoods of the town celebrate this with the last procession of the Holy Week, the procession of Risen Christ.

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