Torralba de Calatrava

Holy Week

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The Holy Week is one of the most important celebrations for the Christianism. This festivity starts on ‘Viernes de Dolores’ at 21h30, when the procession of ‘Esclavitud de Ntra. Señora de los Dolores’ takes place. The hymn is played both at the exit and the entrance of the Virgin.

Next day, the mayor gives the traditional speech at 20h00, this speech is followed by the traditional Holy Week concert. On Palm Day, at 11h00, during the Mass, the palms are blessed. After that, the Procession of the Palms is carried out in the Hermitage of ‘La Purísima Concepción’.

Although they are not the most important days of the week, on Holy Monday, a Via Crucis is celebrated from the Hermitage of ‘La Purísima Concepción’ to the Church of ‘La Santísima Trinidad’. On Holy Wednesday, the procession of ‘Jesús de la Oración’ is celebrated. In this procession, children carry ‘el Niño de la Sagrada Comunión’, men carry ‘Jesús de la Oración’ and women the ‘Virgen de la Veracruz’. The hymn of ‘Jesús de la oración’ is played both at the entrance and the exit.

On Holy Thursday, at 21h00, the procession of ‘La Flagelación de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo’ takes place. In this celebration, some images are taken to the streets of the town, such as ‘Niño de la Pasión’, ‘Jesús Cautivo de la Bondad’, ‘Jesús Flagelado’ and ‘Virgen de los Dolores’. In this case, the hymn played is the one of ‘Jesús Flagelado’.

On Holy Friday, a great number of events are celebrated. This day starts at 8h00 with the procession of ‘El Paso’, in which there are images such as ‘El Niño Jesús’, ‘Jesús Nazareno’ and ‘Virgen de los Dolores’. In this case, the hymn played is the one of ‘Jesús Nazareno’. At 18h00, the ‘Santos Oficios’ are celebrated, then, the procession of ‘El Santo Entierro’ takes place at 21h30. In this incredible procession, children carry the ‘Santos Atributos’, teenagers carry ‘El Cristo de los Jóvenes’, and the rest of the brothers of the brotherhood carry the images of ‘Virgen de la Piedad, de San Juan, de la Veracruz, del Paso del Traslado, del Santo Sepulcro and de la Virgen de los Dolores’. In the point of meeting of the ‘Calla Calvario’ and the entrance of the hermitage, the bearers sing the Hymn, in this case, the one of ‘Cristo de los Jóvenes’.

On Easter Saturday night, at 23h00, the ‘Solemne Vigilia Pascual’ is celebrated. This mass is repeated on Easter Sunday morning at 11h00 in order to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. After this mass, there is a procession in which we can find the images of ‘Jesús Resucitado’ and ‘Virgen del Rosario’. In this event, the music band of Torralba de Calatrava participates. To conclude with the Holy Week, the typical lemonade is offered at 13h00 by the Brotherhood Associations in the ‘Paseo del Cristo’.


Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional


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Del 16 al 25 de abril de 2021

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