Festival of the Recolection of the Grape and Wine

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This incredible feast was celebrated for the first time in 1952 and was known as the National Wine Fair of Valdepeñas. This fair is devoted to the agricultural world, which is really important in this city. This was the origin of the Grape Harvest and Wine Fair.

The following year the 1st wine feast was celebrated but it lasted only a day, so there were not important activities, just a Literary Competition.

From the 5th edition (1957) on, this feast is celebrated during the month of September, and coincides with the Patron Saint Festivities of ‘Ntra. Sra. De Consolación’, and with the start of the recollection of the grape. On 7th September, there are some parades, flower offers, etc. and the following day, the Virgin is honoured in the Church.

Some years later this feast changes its name, in this case, it starts being called Feast of the Poetry and Grape Harvest. In 1976, this amazing feast is declared of National Touristic Interest, besides, this year more activities were prepared, and some advertising posters were made in order to attract tourists.

During the 80’s the Regulatory Council of de Denomination of Origin of Valdepeñas was invited to the feast. Thanks to this, it was possible to provide an international character to the feast because they stablished some trading relations with other countries and Valdepeñas was known internationally. Also, during this period was stablished an Official Day of the Feast, which included a great number of activities (such as contests, concerts…), this important day was celebrated in the main square of the town, nowadays, it takes place in the ‘Pabellón del Vino’.

In 1986, the Association of Choirs and Dances ‘Fermento’ organized a Folkloric Festival known as ‘Ciudad del Vino’.

Nowadays, the Wine Feast is celebrated always from 1 to 8 of September. During these days, visitors can find a great number of activities (sport activities, cultural ones…). One of the latest events is the amazing International Exhibition of Plastic Arts, which was recently awarded with the Gold Medal in Arts.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional Fiesta relacionada con turismo gastronómico


Dates and location

Del 1 al 8 de septiembre de 2021

Visit hours

Look for the schedule in the website or ask for information in the City Council.





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