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Zarzuela Week

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This incredible Zarzuela Week is the most important cultural event in La Solana. It has been celebrated from 1984. Federico Romero and Jacinto Guerrero chose this place as the stage in which they wanted to represent ‘La rosa del azafrán’, thus, a great union between the theatral representation and this city was made.

This celebration takes place in an October week (sometimes it lasts more than one week). During this week, some theatral representations are carried out. The most curious thing is that there are many different representations depending on the age of the public. Also, during these days, La Solana is full of tourists from different parts of the region or even different parts of Spain. More than 30 editions have been performed, that is why sometimes this city is called ‘Villa de la Zarzuela’.

The origin of this incredible feast comes from 1930, when Federico Romero visited La Solana with Guillermo Fernández Show and Jacinto Guerrero. They were looking for a rural, traditional, and unique stage that helped them to perform their Zarzuela, which talked about the values of ‘La Mancha’. The traditional environment that they founded in this town was the perfect one to perform their play.

The artistic and cultural wealth of the town is shown to the tourists and inhabitants through theatrical representations and activities. Thanks to all these activities and representations, this week was declared of National Touristic Interest in 2015.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional


Dates and location

A partir de la segunda quincena de octubre
In La Solana, organised by the 'Asociación Cultural de Amigos'.

Visit hours

Look at the schedule in the website or visit the City Council.





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