Fernán Caballero

Bullfighting running

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This bullfighting running was declared of Regional Touristic Interest and has been celebrated for 150 years. In this celebration, two fierce bulls are released through the streets of the historical centre, some firecrackers are thrown in order to warn the neighbours that the event is going to start. Besides, some farm trailers are installed in the streets of the town that help to plot the course to help the bulls to go in the right way. All the visitors can visit and enjoy the great food of some bars and restaurants of the town while the event is celebrated.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Regional Fiesta relacionada con turismo gastronómico


Dates and location

30 agosto 2016
Este encierro recorre las principales de la localidad y su recorrido tiene forma de "a", lo que aporta mucha originalidad a esta festividad.

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Two hours of tour are fixed.


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