Pedro Muñoz

Festival of "Mayo Manchego"

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This feast was declared of National Turistic Interest on 26 of April of 1992. It has been celebrated for more than 50 years; the tradition began in 1963. This festivity takes place between 30 of April and the 2nd day of May, and the main purpose is to pay homage to the Castilla-La Mancha folklore by singing special songs called ‘mayos’ and with special parades where we can find the most beautiful girls of the town, that are called ‘mayeras’. Also, some contests, offers (normally of flowers) and gastronomic days are prepared for this special festivity. The most curious thing of this party are the costumes that assistants wear, because they are dressed as women of the rural Spain so long ago. ´

This amazing festivity is celebrated in different places of Spain, but it is just in Pedro Muñoz where there takes such great importance and acknowledgement.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional


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Del 1 al 2 de mayo de 2017
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