Dia del Voto

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There is a great tradition behind this festivity. It starts on XIVth century when Europe suffered the great pandemic of the pest, which had a devastating effect in Puertollano and the third part of the population died. The 65 survivors celebrated the ‘Santo Voto’, that is a meal where they all where together in honour to the Virgin and ‘San José’, they asked for their protection.

Nowadays, this festivity is celebrated 48 days after Easter Sunday. A stew is made with 5.000 kg of meat, 300 potatoes and 50.000 little breads.

What highlights the most about this celebration is that the previous night the pots where the food will be prepared are lit. Besides, the celebration of ‘el paseíllo de la vaquilla’ and Masses in honour to the Virgin take place.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Regional Bien de Interés Cultural Fiesta relacionada con turismo gastronómico


Dates and location

48 días después del Domingo de Resurrección
Promenade of San Gregorio

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