Villamayor de Calatrava

May Feast

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The May Feast is celebrated in Villamayor de Calatrava in an intensive way. Because of this, it was declared of Regional Touristic Interest.

It starts on the last night of April, with the music of bandurrias that are accompanied by a group of ‘Cantos de los Mayos’. It has a tradition that comes from the XVII century, when some singers and musicians sang in honour of the Virgin in the church. After that, they walk the streets of the town, each single girl is situated in the door of their houses and a group of Mayos comes and sing a song dedicated by their lover.

The following day, the ‘romería con la Virgen del Rosario’ takes place, which walks 11km from Villamayor to meet the image of San José, that comes from the town of Tirteafuera. Both images are husband and wife, parents of Jesus. They meet in the middle of the river, that is why everyone who carry the images end the procession full of water.

During the last day of this feast, is on 1 of May, when the virgin walks in the procession of Villamayor under some arches of woven branches in which there are some oranges. Besides, the local chasers are the ones in charge of firing the firecrackers. Also, there is a beautiful roof of colour salt of more than 50 meters. This roof has been done by done by some neighbours during the previous night.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Regional


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Del 30 de marzo al 2 de mayo de 2017
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