Villarta de San Juan

Peace Feast

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This patronal feast has been celebrated in the town on Villarta de San Juan from 1369. This incredible celebration lasts 4 days and the ‘Virgen de las Paces’ (patrol of the town) is honoured with religious and cultural acts that attract some tourists and neighbours.

The first important day is on 23 of January, when a floral offering in honour to the virgin takes place, in this moment, the easter speech is given. At night, a great bonfire and a procession are made. Everyone who participates in this procession wears traditional labour costumes and a great number of firecrackers are burnt to illuminate the sky. The greatest record of firecrackers burnt is of 2000 dozens, this was during the ‘Operación 2000’, which lasted less than two minutes but it’s the most important spectacle in this festivity.

Other important activities of these days are the puja (the one that wins carries the virgin), religious celebrations, games, popular meals, contests, concerts…

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Regional


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Del 23 al 24 de enero de 2017
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