Romeria of Ntra. Sra. de las Viñas

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Is a popular celebration at which joy, companionship and religiousness predominate. In this incredible celebration that lasts all the weekend, the patrol of the city is honoured.

This celebration starts on Friday evening with a speech, after this speech, some ludic and gastronomical activities are carried out during Saturday, most of them, in a place called Pinilla. Some of these activities are: the Regional Contest of tractor plough, traditional games for children, a tasting of medieval roast, the procession of prayer of the rosary with torches around the temple… there events anticipate what will he the greatest and most important day of the celebration, Sunday.

Sunday begins early in the morning when the green floats and assistants meet in the main square in order to go to Pinilla, where the Sanctuary of the Virgin is placed. All of these assistants walk the 4km that there are between Tomelloso and Pinilla, and when they get there, they show their respect to the patrol. After that, there is a Mass, which is followed with a great banquet with typical gastronomical products of the area. In the evening, all the assistants come back to Tomelloso accompanying the patron saint. Also, during this incredible day, some contests related with the decking and showiness of reatas, carriages and floats. The mules and the horses are made showy drawings on the coat, their tails are braided and they are dressed with colorful ribbons.

Something that highlights in this celebration is the Torches Procession, a night procession around the hermitage of the patron. The neighbours are the ones that carry those torches in order to illuminate the path.

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Dates and location

Last weekend of April
Hermitage of the Virgen de las Viñas, in the land of Pinilla. Main square and church of the city

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