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Is the oldest Holy Week of La Mancha, as the existence of the Vera Cruz Brotherhood is documented in 1577. In fact, the Holy Week of Daimiel had a lot of presence in the Baroque because of its procession of images that represent the passion of Christ.
Today, this Holy Week continues to amaze the thousands of visitors who decide to spend a few days in the town. In fact, one of its particularities is that its processions follow the chronological order in which the Passion of Christ is narrated in the Gospels. In addition, there are nine confraternities that gather a total of twelve thousand brothers, so the participation of the residents of the town in the processions is high.

On the other hand, it highlights the decoration of the steps and the Andalusian influence on the candles and flowers, but also have Castilian influence on the solemnity of the procession itself. After all, the Holy Week of Daimiel offers the visitor not only processions, but also cultural events such as the concerts offered by the music band of the town. Because of this, it was declared of Regional Tourist Interest in 2002.

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