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Faces Game

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It is an ancient game which tradition has been preserved for years. It consists of a game of chance that is carried out every Holy Friday during all day. In this case, a circle is painted on the floor and those who want to participate must be situated out of the circle. Inside of the circle, we can find the bank, who is the one in charge of the bets (these bets can not be of a superior cost of what the bank has in that moment). After a few minutes, the bronze coins are thrown into the air. The main request is that these coins should be thrown together, and the faces of Alfonso XII have to be visible by everyone.

Once that the coins are in the air, everything can happen, the gamblers and neighbours look in an impatient way if there is a good chance or not for the gamer. Besides, this game is celebrated in a festival atmosphere, in which all the neighbours go to the square in order to see how other people bet their money in this singular game. Also, this celebration was declared of Regional Touristic Interest in 1993.

Other traditions that are of great interest during the Holy Week are: ‘el Charco’, ‘el Pecado Mortal’, ‘el Prendimiento’, ‘la Bocina’ or the traditional passacaglia music.

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