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This amazing party starts a week before the rest of the carnivals on a Saturday called ‘Sábado de los Ansiosos’. Besides, from 2007 the new year of the city is celebrated. As in other places, the week of the Herencias’ Carnival is full of important activities that enable the citizens and visitors enjoy and have fun with this incredible environment of party.

Firstly, their main characters stand out: first, the ‘jinetes’ they are some couples of children, each one represents a different professional association of the city, such as bakers, retailers, farmers, gardeners, and city council workers. Also, a parade is celebrated in honour to each professional group, even a couple carries a flower crown in honour of the blessed souls of purgatory.

Secondly, giants and big heads are in the opening of the parade, and that is what people impresses the most of this incredible carnival. Nowadays, it is possible to see five more big heads which represent the different professional groups and traditional stewardships of the Herencias’ Carnival.

To conclude, ‘el Perlé’ criticises the stablished system. ‘Perlé’ is in the opening of the parade before the giants and the main purpose is to run after children with a whip. These amazing characters are the ones that make this carnival so original and interest to visit.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional Fiesta relacionada con turismo gastronómico


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