Corpus Christi

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This religious celebration was declared of Regional Touristic Interest in June of 2014, and ‘Bien de Interés Cultural’ in May of 2017.

Square, streets and houses of Porzuna are impregnated with the smell of winter savory and rosemary in this Christian day. Tourists are surprised by the male dance which is made without turning their back to the custode, this lasts two hours. The streets of the town are decorated with flowers and roofs in which it is possible to see some draws that are made with colour sawdust.

Those dancers (a total of twelve) walk during the morning of Sunday the streets of the city accompanied with a band of rural music. They are followed by some people riding horses, after that, ‘Los Buenos Días’ and ‘el fandango de Porzuna’ are sang.

After the mass, in the evening, communion children start the procession throwing some petals while de Custode of Christ walks. The dancers follow children in queues of four while some people are playing castanets. Thus, the sacred form, which a procession carries under a six-rod pallium, is honoured. The procession stops in specific places where neighbours have prepared some altars with beautiful decoration in order to worship Jesus.

Fiesta de Interés Turístico Regional Bien de Interés Cultural


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