Villanueva de la Fuente

Corpus Christi

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The tradition of the Corpus Christi in Villanueva de la Fuente has existed for years. It is one of the most representative and popular celebrations of the town, this causes that a lot of neighbours and tourists come to visit this amazing festivity. What makes it amazing is that there are 1800 meters of beautiful roofs that are made in order to decorate the streets of the town during the processions. It is probably one of the most beautiful processions of Castilla-La Mancha.

At first, the streets of the town were decorated with roofs made by aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary or marjoram, which were obtained by the neighbours from close mountains. Those roofs were known as ‘paths’ because of the colours and the natural aspect of the route. The tradition evolved to the present day, where all the streets which take part in the Corpus procession are decorated with colour sawdust, creating beautiful and original figures that are characterised because of a good smell caused by the aromatic herbs that are placed next to them. Some of these streets are ‘calle Constitució, calle Doctor Fleming, calle la Feria, calle de la Iglesia, calle Mayor, Plaza de España, calle del Santo Cristo del Consuelo’.

The previous night before the Corpus morning, the preparation of the roofs starts. They are drawn in the floor, after that, they are filled of colour sawdust. A great number of neighbours participate in this beautiful tradition. After that, the balconies and the streets are decorated with flags, flowers, pots and ornamentation. In this way, the streets are prepared the day of the Corpus for the children of communion to make the religious offerings of this special day for the inhabitants of Villanueva de la Fuente.


Fiesta de Interés Turístico Regional


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It can vary depending on the year.
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Previous night and the morning of the Corpus.



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