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Bonal del Morro de la Parrilla

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This is another, and the last of the four protected ‘Bonales’ in the town of Piedrabuena, which are catalogued as special protection habitats and are truly impressive. A ‘bonal’ (peat bog) is a kind of silted ground; a soil that is permanently or semi-permanently waterlogged and accumulates decomposed plant debris.

The Bonal of Morro de la Parrilla is the largest of the four in the area, located in the contact zone between the mountains and the ravine. Its steep slope favours the accumulation of water and the existence of peaty bumps that make it iconic among the other peat bogs in Piedrabuena. It is home to animal species such as newts and the San Antón mini-frog, as well as plant species such as the ash willow, the saw-sedge, or the hygrophilous heath, which really give the marsh a unique atmosphere.


Available for visits

Ask for information in the City Hall as this is a fragile and very sensitive area.

Visit hours

It is recommended to visit it during daylight hours and at suitable temperatures, always accompanied by an expert guide.






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