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Bonales de la Puebla de Don Rodrigo

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It occupies an area of 64.09 ha, and they are characterized by a large volume of groundwater inlet, which causes the peat bogs to bulge, giving them a unique landscape. The importance of the micro-reserve is to protect the type of vegetation that develops in the area. There are sphagnum and sundew sponges, heaths, hygrophilous reed-beds and cyperaceous rushes, as well as protected species in the area such as alder and birch, among others.

This spot is of great ecological and scenic value, as this type of ecosystem can only be observed in the siliceous substratum of Ciudad Real and Toledo.

If you want to visit Bonales de la Puebla de Don Rodrigo, you must take the N-430, right to Badajoz, then turn off along the same road that leads to Valtriguero, leave the fountain and the porch of Las China on your right, and finally you will arrive at Los Bonales.


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It is recommended to visit it during daylight hours and at suitable temperatures.






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