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Salicor's Lagoon

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This wetland area of Special Protection for Birds was declared a Nature Reserve in 2000.

It is an endorheic lagoon with very saline waters, with a salt content ten times higher than the Mediterranean, and very similar to that of the Dead Sea. In summer, as a result of the high temperatures and evaporation, a thick salt crust ten centimetres is produced.

It occupies an area of 291 hectares with a vegetation of unique species, such as samphire (Salicornia), which gives it its characteristic colour. Another of the most important aspects is its high faunal value, with outstanding bird populations as the common crane, the great bustard, the little bustard, the stone curlew, and it is the favourite place of the peregrine falcon, which uses the area for hunting throughout the year.

It is an ideal place for a stroll, following the ‘Senda de los Cantareros’ path we find some slabs with sgraffito markings, considered to be prehistoric petroglyphs.


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