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Bonal del Arroyo de Valdemadera

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This is another one of the four protected ‘Bonales’ in the town of Piedrabuena, which are catalogued as special protection habitats and are truly impressive. A ‘bonal’ (peat bog) is a kind of silted ground; a soil that is permanently or semi-permanently waterlogged and accumulates decomposed plant debris.

The bonal del Arroyo de Valdemadera was called like that because it is located in the flood plain of a stream near Piedrabuena. Its semi-permanent, waterlogged waters are the reason why the vegetation of the mountain is interspersed with the riverside willow groves and give rise to the growth of plant species such as some types of daffodils, the ‘gatina olaga’ (Genista anglica), or the peat heather. On the surface of the water float leaves of a very attractive greenish colour.


Available for visits

Information on the Town's Hall as being a fragile, highly sensitive area.

Visit hours

It is recommended to visit during daylight hours and at normal temperatures, but also being accompanied by an expert guide.





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