Natural heritage

Bonal de la Sierra del Hontanar

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Bonal de la Sierra del Hontanar was declared a protected area because of the rarity and vulnerability of its habitat, as well as because it is home to numerous species of regionally protected flora.

This micro-reserve is very important because most of the sphagnum bogs are concentrated in the northern half of Spain, so it is a unique rarity to conserve a raised bog in this very southern spot.

It is a permanent or semi-permanent waterlogging, where the water flows very slowly, helping at the same time to keep the soil moist, in such a way that if this phenomenon did not exist, the vegetation would become irremediably extinct. There are also processes that transform organic remains into peat: the peat bogs.


Available for visits

Information on the Town's Hall as being a fragile, highly sensitive area.

Visit hours

It is recommended to do the daylight itinerary, and at a suitable temperature. Please be always accompanied by an expert guide.





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