Natural heritage

La Posadilla's Lagoon, or volcano de Fuentillejo

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It is located 3 km from Valverde, a small and pretty village in Ciudad Real. Nowadays is difficult to access as it is on a privately owned estate.

The lagoon is a maar, or explosion crater in the volcanic area of Campo de Calatrava. It was produced several million years ago when lava came into contact with groundwater. The crater is located next to a quartzite ridge. It is of great geomorphological and scenic value, as it is a notable example of a hydromagnetic explosion. The vegetation is Mediterranean, with holm oak, kermes oak, mastic, and terebinth in the surrounding area, and reed in the lagoon.

As for the fauna, it is a nesting place for some birds such as the little grebe, stilt, or little plover, among others, and a passing place for others such as eagles and vultures.

It has been declared a Natural Monument.


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Private property. Consult the Ciudad Real Town Hall or Valverde's.

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