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Las Navas de Malagón

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It is a lagoon complex made up of three seasonally waterlogged lagoon basins, the largest of which, known as "Nava Grande", is surrounded by a ring of volcanic tuff. The waters that back up in the depressions linked to fractures in the Sierra de Malagón give rise to intermittent lagoons of highly variable salinity, which is the reason for their high biological diversity, and also the reason for their rarity and vulnerability.

Its main interest lies in the populations of aquatic birds, especially the white-headed duck, catalogued as endangered, as well as the black-necked grebe, the little grebe, the shoveler, the red-crested pochard, the gadwall, the white-faced duck, the white-faced tern, the great crested grebe, and the common pochard. Likewise, the cultivated area adjacent to Las Navas supports important populations of steppe birds.

There is a small Interpretation Centre near the lagoons. For more information, contact the Municipal Tourist Office on 926 802 376.


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Recommended in spring and late autumn and winter.

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All day along.





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