Natural heritage

Albardinales de Membrilla-La Solana

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Located in Llano de los Albardinares between the towns of Membrilla and La Solana, its special interest lies in the halophilic communities that are home, among which are the albardinales of Lygeumspartum. Of impressive interest are the sweet marshes of Suaeda Vera, and animal species that are catalogued as a threat in this community.

They are special because of their relatively distant location from the rest of the albardinales of La Mancha, as well as for their notable extension, and also for not being currently associated with any lagoon or flood plain (common circumstances in most of the dry salt marshes of La Mancha).

In addition to the vegetation, the presence of endangered steppe birds is also relevant, such as the stone curlew, the sandgrouse, or the little bustard.


Available for visits

Yes. More information in the Town Hall and La Solana's Tourism Offices.

Visit hours

It is recommended to visit it in daylight hours and normal temperatures, but also accompanied by an expert guide to fully enjoy the visit.





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