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Las Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park

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Impressive place of great beauty with unique landscapes and geological features placed on the border of the provinces of Ciudad Real and Albacete. It is formed by a complex system of fifteen lagoons: Blanca, Conceja, Tomilla, Tinaja, San Pedro, Redondilla, Lengua, Salvadora, Santos Morcillo, Batana, Colgada, Laguna del Rey, Cueva Morenilla, Coladilla and Cenagosa. Considered one of the most interesting and beautiful natural wetlands of the Peninsula, Las Lagunas de Ruidera is characterized by waterfalls that link some lagoons with others. The lagoons are the natural drainage of a good part of the Campo de Montiel aquifer.

It is also a special area for birdlife, among the most representative species are the marsh harrier, the tufted duck, the common coot, the mallard, the red-crested pochard, and the common grebe.


The Visitor Center provides recommendations and information about this protected area: itineraries, advice, bathing and fishing areas, trails, etc. Its exhibition hall allows us to understand its attractions like geology, fauna and flora, through information panels, aquariums and models. It even has a botanical garden with the most interesting and representative trees and shrubs of the park.


There are exciting activities that we can do in this place; from enjoying a pleasant walk around some of the lagoons, to have a delightful bath in summer, or go canoeing to approach the sinking or the castle of Rochafrida. Also remember the chapters of Don Quixote, especially the adventure that takes place in the Cueva de Montesinos, bravely touring while you are accompanied by an expert guide.


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Visit hours

Visitor Center:
Summer hours: Every day from uninterrupted 10h to 21h during July, and August.
Winter opening hours: from 10h to 14h and from 16h to 18h from Wednesday to Sunday.
Guided tours of the Park are only available on Thursdays with prior reservation.





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